Direct Measures International

When faced with adversity we all look for PROVEN solutions.

DMI functions as a single source provider of training, consulting, investigative, and protective services to manage, mitigate, and resolve complex security challenges.

Our team has decades of DIRECT operational experience combating terrorism, violence and unconventional security threats.

We have a proven track record of assessing and countering threats through cost-effective programs and have been providing exceptional services to the public and private sectors since 1988.

By combining our unique resources and talent, we are able to achieve objectives that other firms cannot.

We are setting The New Security Standard.

Risk Assessment, Training, Protection ...


Our Clients Include:

          • Public Officials
          • C Level executives
          • High net worth individuals
          • Multinational corporations
          • Concerned Law Abiding citizens
          • Military and Public Safety personnel
          • Prominent scientists and academics
          • Foreign dignitaries and their families
          • Local State and Federal government agencies
          • International business travelers and entourage
          • Celebrity entertainers and professional athletes
          • Human resource managers and other at-risk personnel


About DMI

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