International Investigation

To remain competitive, businesses must have the best information possible on markets, competition and associated risks. Knowing where to invest, when to expend or protect markets, and how to travel safely are essential considerations. To protect reputation and productivity, no business should trade or invest overseas without first obtaining a local intelligence report.

The limitation of the commonly used online background checks and due diligence has created a growing demand for onsite fact-finding investigation services.

Access to accurate, relevant and timely information can help identify compatible companies and establish trusted business relationships. It can also help managers assess potential security risks associated with travel and considerably decrease exposure to business fraud.

We provide professional and discrete investigation and due diligence services. Our methods of collections, correlation and interpretation of information from open sources and our network of private investigators allows us to provide clients an unmatched level of business intelligence.

Our global investigative network is comprised of experienced intelligence officers and private investigators specializing in various fields and geographical areas. Expertise ranges from international due diligence, fraudulent claims, stalking and harassment, industrial espionage, privacy protection, digital forensics, and more.



Our Services Include:

• Missing Persons and Assets Location
• Competitive Analysis Assistance
• Business Reputation Evaluation
• Personnel Screening Services
• Executive Background Check
• Pre-Transaction Intelligence
• Route Survey and Planning
• Expert Witness Work
• Fact Checking
• Forensics


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