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Prominent people in business, academia, the media, and entertainment are symbols of power and wealth. Unfortunately, their profile and high visibility make them prime targets for disgruntled employees, aggressive competitors, psychotic admirers, stalkers, kidnappers, and terrorists.

The ability to commute, work and live peacefully can only be ensured through effective security. We provide professional, discrete and confidential investigation and protective services to meet on-going or unexpected security challenges.

We operate full and part-time protection teams involved in the protection of industry leaders, dignitaries and celebrities on a continuing or as needed basis through a world-wide protection network consisting of the finest local, national and global resources.

Our international cadre of Close Protection Officers (CPOs) is comprised of men and women with extensive operational experience in various geographical areas. Expertise ranges from dignitary and executive protection, high-risk security escort, high profile event security, hostile areas extractions and more. Many have operational experience in elite military and law enforcement units. They are thoroughly screened and undergo a stringent selection process. They are specially trained in behavioral recognition, preventive security, perimeter protection, conflict resolution, and in life saving skills and are fully capable of administering First Aid, should the need arise. They are discreet and personable men and women able to operate unobtrusively in business and social environments to meet the changing needs of our clients. To solve security problems and assure a safe return from anywhere in the world, we stand ready to dispatch our licensed professionals.


We have operated in 30+ countries in the protection of industry leaders and dignitaries.

We conduct all of the assignment we undertake with complete discretion.


Our Clients:

• Public Officials
• C Level Executives
• High Net Worth Individuals
• Dignitaries and their Families
• International Business Travelers
• Celebrity Entertainers and Artists
• Prominent Scientists and Academics
• Human Resource Managers and At-Risk Personnel



Our Services Include:

• Executive/VIP Protection
• Stalking Countermeasures
• Secure Personnel Transport
• Electronic Countermeasures
• Workplace Violence Prevention
• Protective Travel Arrangements
• High Risk Employee Termination
• Maritime Security and Safe Anchorage
• Stockholder / Investor Meeting Security
• Courier of Sensitive Data and Valuables
• Special Assignments and Conflict Resolution
• Extractions and Hostile Environment Rescues
• Public Appearances and Corporate Event Security



When protecting our clients we apply the same standards of security as those used by organizations protecting national assets, military installations and embassies.

Our officers have experience with perimeter security, access control, deterrence and working with selective clientele. They are closely supervised receive specialized training in face recognition, intrusion detection, patrol, emergency response and relevant laws.

We only hire individuals with a strong sense of responsibility and proper demeanor. They must pass extensive screening and background check and have solid character references to qualify.


Our Services Include:

• Private Estate and Asset Protection
• Restricted Area Perimeter Defense
• Gated Community Access Control
• Private School Security
• Vacation Home Watch
• Neighborhood Patrol


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