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Alon Stivi's presentation style is engaging, entertaining and informative. He offers valuable advice and practical tips with demonstrations and multimedia support including real incident footage and case studies. Each presentation offers serious information following specific Terminal Learning Objectives (TLO’s).

Our speakers presentations can also be incorporated into company meetings, annual sales and marketing meetings, conferences, or seminars.


Whether you choose a keynote, workshop, seminar, or breakout session, our presentation format and content will be customized to suit your needs.

Honorarium Guidelines

Speaker honorariums are based on a number of factors, including: the speaker’s availability, location, and length of the presentation.

Jerusalem Pulse Radio now features Alon Stivi for regular Broadcasts. Click below to listen to "JPR Fearless Life - How free people can resist the terrorist's manipulative campaign of fear"
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Fear Factor - Use of Fear as a Weapon
Global War On Terror - Trends & Potentials
School Shooting - Prevention, Response & Survival
Asymmetric Security-Social Resilience to Terrorism
Asymmetric Warfare - Evolving Threats to Human Security
Being Your Own Bodyguard - Traveling Safe in Turbulent Times
Wisdom of the Crowd – Protecting Communities Through Collaboration
Command In Progress - Integrated Crisis Management System and Technologies
Terrorism Survival - proven solutions to protect your home, neighborhood and loved ones
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