Risk & Crisis Management

Disaster can strike anyone, anywhere and anytime. Whether it is intentional act, an accident or a natural phenomenon, the result are all too common -- trauma and loss of life, liability lawsuits, property damage, lost of business and a profound affect on the community.


A single incident can significantly impact the reputation and profitability of any business.

Emergency planning and preparedness reduces liability and can help minimize loses.


Every business, large or small, must have crisis response and recovery plans in place.

Our location specific, customized Emergency Preparedness & Contingency Program will help make your organization and community better prepared.


1. Our proprietary Emergency Vulnerability Audit (EVA) provides a location specific assessment of risk factors and level of exposure to various emergency situations.

2. Based on our findings we develop a step-by-step customized Emergency Response & Recovery Plan with cost effective resiliency options based on available resources.

3. Planning and forethought are important, but so is flexibility in execution. Static, inflexible emergency plan will almost certainly result in a lack of preparedness and a poorly executed response. Our team can oversee the implementation of the Emergency Preparedness & Contingency Training to assure that employees are adequately trained.

Our team includes Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in disciplines ranging from risk assessment and quantification, crisis management and contingency planning, to emergency evacuation and reunification. All of our consultants are specifically trained and certified in the use of our proprietary emergency management software.

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